Mount Kinabalu

pictures/mtk01-01.jpg About 85km from Kota Kinabalu lies the 4095-meter high Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain of South-East Asia. It is also probably the easiest climbable over 4000m mountain in the world, requiring no mountaineering skills: they actually organize a yearly contest, Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon, of running up and down the mountain -- and they do it in less than three hours... I took two days.

pictures/mtk07-1.jpg The path up is well-trodden, but you do have to be careful about wild animals... pictures/mtk03-1.jpg pictures/mtk04-1.jpg

pictures/mtk05-1.jpg pictures/mtk10-1.jpg The flora is interesting as well. pictures/mtk09-1.jpg

Starting at 2am on the second morning we got to the top just before sunrise, to which these pictures do no justice at all. pictures/mtk12-1.jpg pictures/mtk13-1.jpg pictures/mtk14-1.jpg

pictures/mtk18-1.jpg On the left is Carolyn, to whom I promised to send this picture but I lost her address! If you recognize her and know her present address, please let me know!

pictures/mtk23-1.jpg pictures/mtk21-1.jpg On the left are the two highest peaks, Low's Peak (4095m) where we climbed and St. John's Peak, just a few meters lower. On the right are Donkey's Ears some 50m below. pictures/mtk24-1.jpg

pictures/mtk22-1.jpg pictures/mtk25-1.jpg Going down we could actually see the route we'd come. I'm not sure if it made it easier or not... The view was beautiful in any case. pictures/mtk26-1.jpg

pictures/mtk30-1.jpg pictures/mtk31-1.jpg On the way down we sidetracked to take a look at flesh-eating plants. On the left Swedish Åsa is testing her courage with one, on the right our guide, Sopinggi, pours a little of the plant's digestive juices. pictures/mtk32-1.jpg

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