I started my trip in Bangkok, because I have a friend there and because it was the cheapest place thereabouts to fly to.

pictures/bangkok1-1.jpg pictures/bangkok3-1.jpg On the left is the Democracy monument and a "tuktuk", common sights in Bangkok; on the right two views inside Bangkok's ever-crowded buses. pictures/bkok-b2a-1.jpg pictures/bangkok5-1.jpg

pictures/paknam1-1.jpg Bangkok has lots of Buddhist monasteries. I had the privilege of being invited to stay in one (no you can't just walk in). On the left is one of its buildings, on the right a not exactly surprising sight inside a monastery. pictures/paknam2-1.jpg

In case you've wondered what a monk's chamber looks like, on the right you can see a monk inside his, using Linux of course.
(Not all monasteries are quite that computerized, however.)

I didn't stay in Bangkok for long. On the right is a rather overloaded-looking motorbike seen from bus window somewhere in southern Thailand. pictures/biketree-1.jpg

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