Khao Sok national park

pictures/khaosok2-1.jpg From Bangkok I headed south, stopping first in Khao Sok national park in southern Thailand. On the left is the keeper of the guesthouse I stayed in and on the right the box he put me in. pictures/khaosok1-1.jpg

The jungle in Khao Sok is beautiful, pictures/kswalk11-1.jpg pictures/kswalk08-1.jpg

pictures/kswalk06-1.jpg but the paths within are sometimes arduous. pictures/kswalk15-1.jpg

On the right is the top of a waterfall where I stumbled on a rock, and an example of leeches I plucked from myself after getting up... pictures/kswalk16-1.jpg pictures/kswalk17-1.jpg

pictures/ksflower1-1.jpg There are lots of pretty flowers, too, and in the evening one can meet other travellers like Dagmar on the right, and interesting insects... pictures/ksdagmar1-1.jpg pictures/kslocust-1.jpg

pictures/ksriver6-1.jpg Besides walking in the jungle you can also take a canoe down the river, which is breathtakingly beautiful in places. pictures/ksriver1-1.jpg

pictures/ksriver7-1.jpg Further down the river you can also meet local people, and animals... pictures/ksriver3-1b.jpg pictures/ksriver5-1.jpg

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