Phang Nga

From Khao Sok I headed with Dagmar to Phang Nga, a small, rather touristy town in southern Thailand.

pictures/phangnga03-1.jpg There's not much to see in the town itself but a boat trip to the nearby islands was nice. pictures/phangnga08-1.jpg pictures/phangnga09-1.jpg

pictures/phangnga10-1.jpg The island on the left is familiar to every James Bond fan. On the right Dagmar is admired by local boys. pictures/phangnga13-1.jpg

One thing there was no shortage of was Japanese tourists taking pictures of each other: pictures/phangnga11-1.jpg pictures/phangnga14-1.jpg

pictures/phangnga05-1.jpg A muslim fishing village. pictures/phangnga16-1.jpg

School outside the mosque. pictures/phangnga17-1.jpg pictures/phangnga18b-1.jpg

pictures/phangnga19b-1.jpg On the left the fishing village lit by setting sun; on the right, Dagmar lit by setting sun (curses on the red boat helm spoiling the picture). pictures/phangnga22-1.jpg

pictures/phangnga23-1.jpg On the left a view from Phang Nga town: some people like big hats... On the right two kids on the roadside on the way out of town. pictures/phangnga24-1.jpg

After leaving Phang Nga I stayed one night on my way to Malaysia in a small town called Satun near the southern border of Thailand. pictures/satun1-1.jpg pictures/satun2-1.jpg

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