Penang, Malaysia

pictures/gtown01-1.jpg From Satun I crossed by boat to Kuala Perlis in Malaysia and went straight on to Georgetown, the biggest town on Penang island. It is a major tourist attraction, mostly known for its beautiful beaches (which I didn't go near, but the palm tree on the right might give you an idea). pictures/gtown03-1.jpg

I have a strange fascination for unusual traffic signs and people sleeping at work... pictures/gtown06-1.jpg pictures/gtown07-1.jpg pictures/gtown17-1.jpg

pictures/gtown08-1.jpg pictures/gtown09-1.jpg Georgetown has a rather busy harbour, and in general it's a fairly modern-looking town.

pictures/gtown10-1b.jpg There's something in the cat's suspicious expression that I really like.
The sign tells it all. pictures/gtown11-1.jpg pictures/gtown12-1.jpg pictures/gtown13-1.jpg pictures/gtown14-1.jpg

pictures/gtown18-1.jpg pictures/gtown19-1.jpg A funicular railway goes to the top of Penang Hill with a beautiful view over Georgetown. pictures/gtown20-1.jpg

pictures/gtown22-1.jpg Up there is a beautiful garden. You might also see the gardener, or a dog who doesn't like Japanese tourists... pictures/gtown23-1.jpg pictures/gtown24-1.jpg

pictures/gtown25-1.jpg There's a mosque up there too. And did I already mention the view is nice? pictures/gtown26-1.jpg pictures/gtown27-1.jpg

pictures/gtown28-1.jpg On the left you'll see how the "red-eye effect" of flash photography works with dogs. On the right a Malaysian family returning from the hill. pictures/gtown29-1.jpg

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