Cameron Highlands

From Georgetown I went on to Cameron Highlands, a hill station some 1500m above sea level.

pictures/camer01-1.jpg The bus ride was somewhat scary, but definitely worth it. On the right is the guesthouse I stayed at and some children downtown. pictures/camer02-1.jpg pictures/camer03-1.jpg
pictures/camer05-1.jpg On the left a colourful tree, on the right some proof that farming is still the major industry here. pictures/camer04-1.jpg pictures/camer18-1.jpg

pictures/camer08-1.jpg pictures/camer09-1.jpg The jungle around offers interesting sights. I just can't help wondering if the noose on the left was natural or... pictures/camer10-1.jpg
pictures/camer11-1.jpg Besides weird trees there were lots of beautiful flowers. pictures/camer12-1.jpg pictures/camer16-1.jpg pictures/camer23-1.jpg
I'm not quite sure if this is a flower or what... pictures/camer13-1.jpg pictures/camer14-1.jpg

pictures/camer19-1.jpg So what do you do in the evening when it's too dark to take pictures? Compare cameras, of course! On the right some less-inspiring signs of civilization cutting through the jungle. pictures/camer20-1.jpg pictures/camer29-1.jpg

pictures/camer21-1.jpg Yes, there were snakes around, maybe also live ones. On the right a view of the mountains and a local village. pictures/camer30-1.jpg pictures/camer32-1.jpg

pictures/camer33-1.jpg pictures/camer38-1.jpg On the left, Sunday market and a shop - or two: I'm not quite sure if the exotic insects _are_ the souvenirs... On the right a young girls looks like she's waiting for something. pictures/camer39-1.jpg

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