Kuala Lumpur

After the coolness of Cameron Highlands Kuala Lumpur, or KL as everybody seemed to call it, felt hot and hectic.
pictures/kl03-1.jpg pictures/kl17-1.jpg On the left Petronas Towers that've become the symbol of the city. Kuala Lumpur means "muddy estuary", and was apparently founded on the river junction on the right -- not much to look at these days. pictures/kl05-1.jpg
pictures/kl07-1.jpg On the left KL railwaystation, on the right a view from guesthouse staircase and a proof that Malaysians don't always heed all regulations. (I hope the bike owner won't be retroactively prosecuted because of this picture!) pictures/kl08b-1.jpg pictures/kl09-1.jpg

pictures/kl21-1.jpg pictures/kl11-1.jpg Yeah, this is the capital of a muslim country in November... pictures/kl10-1.jpg

pictures/kl19-1.jpg On the left a group of muslim girls (a school class?), on the right someone sleeping on the street. pictures/kl22-1.jpg

pictures/kl25b-1.jpg pictures/kl26-1.jpg Construction sites that don't look like much during the day are sometimes downright spooky at night. A traffic circle may also look better at night. pictures/kl16-1.jpg

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