pictures/kapit07-1.jpg From Sibu we took a boat like the one on the left to Kapit, a small town at the point where Sungei Balleh forks of Rajang. pictures/kapit10-1.jpg pictures/kapit14-1.jpg

pictures/kapit08-1.jpg Fort Sylvia is one of Kapit's most famous buildings. On the right a detail showing high water marks. pictures/kapit09-1.jpg

People working on the market. pictures/kapit03-1.jpg pictures/kapit04b-1.jpg pictures/kapit05-1.jpg

pictures/kapit06-1.jpg pictures/kapit11-1.jpg On the left a long-tailed lizard and a sign apparently indicating that the road vanishes in the air; on the right suspicious girls. pictures/kapit12b-1.jpg

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