Sungei Balleh

pictures/kapit13-1.jpg In Kapit we met Thomas, on the left, who invited us to come with him to Panggau longhouse upstream Sungei Balleh. The views along the river were beautiful, despite of mist (or low-hanging clouds...) pictures/balleh6-1.jpg

pictures/balleh1-1.jpg On the left a view from the speedboat, on the right a somewhat smaller boat. pictures/balleh2-1.jpg

pictures/balleh4-1.jpg There were lots of timber camps alongside the river, making me wonder how long there will be any rainforests in Sarawak. pictures/balleh5-1.jpg pictures/balleh3-1.jpg
pictures/balleh7-1.jpg The big boat felt perfectly safe but... On the right a muslim girl is reading suspiciously non-pious-looking comics. pictures/balleh8-1.jpg

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