Panggau longhouse

pictures/panggau01-1.jpg After a few hours journey upstream Sungei Balleh we reached Panggau longhouse. As the customary gift we took a live chicken. On the right you can see it wasn't easy to fit the entire longhouse in one picture... pictures/panggau03b-1.jpg

pictures/panggau07-1.jpg pictures/panggau08-1.jpg Men at work, and on the right taking a tobacco break. All men seemed to be tattooed. pictures/panggau06-1.jpg

pictures/panggau04-1.jpg pictures/panggau05-1.jpg Women's work included weaving, basket-making -- and tattooing men. pictures/panggau10-1b.jpg

pictures/panggau11-1.jpg Children seemed to be very happy in the longhouse. pictures/panggau12-1.jpg pictures/panggau17-1.jpg

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