Sengalang longhouse

In Bako national park we met Justin, who told us he was going to visit his wife Juliana's family in Sengalang longhouse near the village of Debak, and he invited us along. pictures/debakroad1-1.jpg

pictures/debakroad2-1.jpg Somewhere on Kuching-Debak road the car engine boiled... but no worry, water was near. pictures/debakroad3-1.jpg pictures/debakroad4-1.jpg

pictures/debak01-1.jpg The longhouse was, well, long, both out- and inside. pictures/debak02-1.jpg pictures/debak03-1.jpg

pictures/debak04-1.jpg On the left is an heirloom of the house, their skull collection (latest additions over 100 years old, they assured me). On the right me, Didier and Justin (photo by Juliana) and Justin's children. pictures/debak05-1.jpg pictures/debak06-1.jpg

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