From Singapore (or actually from Johor Bahru) I flew to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, one of Malaysia's two Borneo states.

pictures/kuchin13-1.jpg In Bahasa Malaysia "kuching" means "cat", and there were many cat-statues around, like the huge and rather ugly one on the right. pictures/kuching01-1.jpg

pictures/kuching03-1.jpg pictures/kuching18-1.jpg pictures/kuching19-1.jpg Kuching mosque is an impressive sight, especially at sunset, when the colour of the sky changes every minute.

There were also many Chinese temples, with lots of interesting details. pictures/kuching06-1.jpg pictures/kuching07-1.jpg pictures/kuching08-1.jpg
pictures/kuching10-1.jpg pictures/kuching09-1.jpg pictures/kuching11-1.jpg

pictures/kuching12-1.jpg Kuching is divided in two parts by the river Sungei Sarawak, and lots of little boats like the one on the left constantly carry people across in both directions. On the right is a view across the river at night. pictures/kuching21-1.jpg
On the far side there's an old fort, where my eye was caught by a little detail, and an interesting bug landed on the hand of Didier, whom I'd met on Kuching airport and travelled with all the way to Kota Kinabalu. pictures/kuching15-1.jpg pictures/kuching16-1.jpg

pictures/kuching04-1.jpg pictures/kuching05-1.jpg Street scenes.

Evening and night views on the riverbank. pictures/kuching25-1.jpg pictures/kuching22-1.jpg pictures/kuching20-1.jpg

pictures/kuching23-1.jpg Walking the streets in the evening I found boys playing chess, and they invited me to join them (I won, too). The picture on the right was taken by the leftmost player on the left picture. pictures/kuching24-1.jpg

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