After Melaka I left Malaysia for a while to see the independent city state of Singapore.

pictures/spore01b-1.jpg On the left is a persistent camera dealer who managed to sell me a semi-fisheye lens attachment, rather cheesy but cheap (he eventually dropped the price to half of what he first asked) and I did get a few fun pictures with it, like the one on the right, so no regrets. pictures/spore26b-1.jpg

pictures/spore03-1.jpg On the left Fredrik whom I'd first met in Cameron Highlands, in an Indian banana leaf restaurant. On the right is Brunei embassy, whose slow visa processing made me stay in Singapore longer than I'd intended.


Singapore at night. pictures/spore07-1.jpg pictures/spore08-1.jpg pictures/spore28-1.jpg

pictures/spore11-1.jpg Every Sunday morning Singaporean songbird hobbyists give their birds a chance to socialize... pictures/spore12-1.jpg pictures/spore16-1.jpg

Having been frustrated at trying to photograph birds in the wild I couldn't resist! pictures/spore13-1.jpg pictures/spore14-1.jpg pictures/spore15-1.jpg

pictures/spore18-1.jpg pictures/spore24-1.jpg So I had to take a few pictures of famous buildings. On the right a fellow traveller taking a picture inside guesthouse. pictures/sporeb01-1.jpg

pictures/spore20-1.jpg There were lots of mobile phones and beautiful women, too. On the right are the best reasons I found to explain the name "Singapore", The City of Lions. pictures/spore23-1.jpg pictures/spore19-1.jpg

pictures/sporeb03-1.jpg pictures/spore27-1.jpg Lots of signs forbidding this and that in Singapore, especially in the underground. On the right the result of an attempt of taking a picture inside the train. pictures/sporeb05-1.jpg

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