After visiting Batu Caves I left Kuala Lumpur and went on to Melaka, an old town with colourful history, where various conquerors have left their signs in architecture and religions.
pictures/melaka07-1.jpg pictures/melaka08-1.jpg pictures/melaka09-1.jpg There are all kinds of temples of various denominations. pictures/melaka10-1.jpg

pictures/melaka02-1.jpg pictures/melaka03-1.jpg Business as usual: a coffin shop on the left, Cyber Cafe on the right. pictures/melaka04-1.jpg

pictures/melaka05-1.jpg pictures/melaka06-1.jpg Sights on the waterfront on the left; on the right a startlingly explicit No Entry -sign. pictures/melaka11-1.jpg

pictures/melaka14-1.jpg The Museum of Enduring Beauty must be one of the most gruesome museums I've seen. The name is probably deliberately ambiguous: it's not about beauty that endures but about the various tortures people have endured in the name of beauty, like lip-stretching, foot-shrinking, corsets...

pictures/melaka15-1.jpg pictures/melaka16-1.jpg On the left is an example of Melakan architecture and a shy kitten; on the right a drive-in soy-milk stand. pictures/melaka17-1.jpg

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