Selected South-East Asia pictures

pictures/neil1-1.jpg Buddhist monk using Linux in Bangkok. pictures/biketree-1.jpg An overloaded motorbike somewhere in southern Thailand.
pictures/ksriver3-1.jpg Children wading in river in Khao Sok national park. pictures/gtown10-1.jpg A suspicious cat in Georgetown.
pictures/kl25b-1.jpg A half-finished building at night in Kuala Lumpur. pictures/batumonkey-1.jpg A monkey outside Batu Caves.
pictures/spore26b-1.jpg Ghosts in Singapore underground. pictures/kuching18-1.jpg Kuching mosque at sunset.
pictures/bako29-1.jpg Sunset on the beach in Bako national park. pictures/debak24-1.jpg A girl in Debak village.
pictures/sibu5-1.jpg Mystery man on the street at night in Sibu. pictures/panggau10-1.jpg Tattooing in Panggau longhouse.
pictures/kk03b-1.jpg A big smile in Kota Kinabalu. pictures/warsaw-1.jpg A tired traveller on Warsaw airport.

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